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revitalizing the heartbeat of humanity

Every person deserves a chance to succeed regardless of their background, and achieve their full potential.


who we are

Houston Vital Signs (HVSI) offers all-inclusive residential treatment programs for homeless families and foster care youth.

We offer treatment programs and support services that aim to empower and equip our participants with the skills they need to achieve independence and thrive in the communities around them.

how we help

our restorative process

evaluation & assessment

Evaluation is a critical component of a developmental guidance and counseling program and ensures accountability.

Training & Treatment

We provide substance-free residential facilities for those recovering from alcohol and/or substance abuse.  

life & personal Development

Youth will learn hands-on, interactive life skills with their assigned mentors and in a small group setting.

The heritage project

Striving for an equitable child welfare system free of structural racism, poverty, and inequities

We envision a world where every child functions at the peak of their potential, lives a stable and productive life and contribute to the greater good of the community.